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​维州190 工程


1. 澳洲工程类专业毕业2年内

 Engineering Qualifications

2. 通过职业评估

Skill Assessment

3. 雅思达到至少4个6

English band 6

4. eoi裸分60 (州担保送5分)

EOI points 60+

5. 本地公司job offer

Job offer (we could help)



VIC 491

1. 任何专业的相关学历证书

Ralevant Qualifications

2. 通过职业评估

Skill Assessment

3. 雅思达到至少4个6

English band 6

4. eoi裸分55

EOI points 55+

5. 本地公司job offer

Job offer (we can help)




University of Tasmania


Recommendations: IT, ACCOUNTING, NURSING

  1. 雅思至少4个4 (会配语言课)English at least 4 in each band

  2. 17岁以上 over 17 years old

  3. 有高二或以上毕业证  At least High School Qualifications


Can aplly TAS 190 directly after graduatioon.




ADJ Migration is a multi-year immigration/education company that has branches in Australia and China. The service fields involved cover all aspects of life. It integrates Australian work, study abroad, immigration, and visas. It is unique in Australia. The immigration study abroad brand serves more than 1,000 students each year and obtains the required visas for them. Since the establishment of the company, after several decades, it has many mara immigrant licensed agents and senior study abroad consultants to protect your visa application.


Services we provide

1. 职业评估,全澳最强的职业评估,覆盖掉100%的澳洲评估机构,对CPA, ACS, EA,VET, TRA, AIM等类别评估具有独到的见解,帮助数千位客户获得职业评估及技术移民工作经验10分,15分加分。职业评估是技术移民/雇主担保不可或缺的第一步。

Skill assessment.  the strongest career assessment group in Australia, covering 100% of Australian assessment agencies, has unique insights into CPA, ACS, EA, VET, TRA, AIM and other types of assessments, helping thousands of clients to obtain occupational assessment and technology 10 points for immigration work experience, plus 15 points. Career assessment is an indispensable first step for skilled immigration/employer visas

2. 雇主担保TSS,186,187,最专业的背景分析配合专业的文案整理,帮助800多位客户拿到了雇主担保签证,我们的雇主担保服务是一条龙服务,即职业评估/英文培训/签证申请一条龙,为客户免除了后顾之忧。

Employer-sponsored TSS, 186, 187, the most professional background analysis and professional copywriting help to help more than 800 clients get an employer-sponsored visa. Our employer-sponsored service is a one-stop service, that is, vocational assessment / English training/visa application Long, relieve customers from worries.

3. 独立技术移民/州担保技术移民,塔州491/190州担,维州190/491州担,南澳489州担,ACT 190州担,北领地州担,总有一款适合即将在澳洲毕业或已经毕业的你,州担也是海外技术移民最好最稳的一条路。

Independent skilled immigration / state nomination skilled immigration, TAS 491/190, Victoria 190/491, South Australia 489, ACT 190, Northern Territory, there is always one suitable for graduating in Australia After graduating, the state is also the best and most stable way for overseas skilled immigrants

4. 配偶移民类签证(300,309/100,820/801),不管你是境内配偶,还是境外配偶,我们都有办法让你们在最短的时间团聚。

Partner visas (300, 309/100, 820/801), whether you are a domestic spouse or an overseas spouse, we have a way to get you reunited in the shortest possible time.

5. 投资移民类签证(188A 188B 188C 188D 188E,888),虽然成本相对高,但风险是所有签证里面最低的,我们目前服务的300+客户,成功率是100%。

Investment visa (188A 188B 188C 188D 188E, 888), although the cost is relatively high, but the risk is the lowest of all visas, we currently serve 300+ customers, the success rate is 100%.

6. 澳洲半工半读,超低的学费,没有出勤率要求,合法工作,随意出入境。

Student visas with working permit, with low tuition, no attendance requirements, legal work, and free entry and exit.


1. 境内旅游签证600转学生签证500(无需考试,即时打工,成功率极高)

2. 澳洲学校申请(小学,初高中,本科,硕士,博士,专升本,专升硕等)

3. 澳洲485,PSW毕业生工作签证/工作经验/PY/Naati/CCL/实习安排

4. 会计CPA补课

5. 免费接机,租房,简历辅导,工作技能培训,工作找寻等服务。

6. 豪华旅游,安家置业,子女上学,投资生意,投资地产等。

In addition, the company also provide services in:


1. Domestic tourist visa 600 to student visa 500 (no exam required, part-time job, high success rate)

2. Australian school application (elementary school, junior high school, undergraduate, master, doctoral, graduated, graduated, etc.)

3. Australia 485, PSW graduate work visa / work experience / PY / Naati / CCL / internship arrangement

4. Accounting CPA supplementary course (the tuition fee is only 7000 Australian dollars, the professional assessment necessary for quick immigration)

5. Free airport pick-up, renting a house, resume counseling, job skills training, job search and other services.

6. Luxury travel, home purchasing, children's schooling, investment in the business, investment in real estate, etc.



地址address: Whitehorse Road, Mitcham, Vic 3132


微信wechat: service_au1

facebook: 春秋留学移民adj Migration/Education

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